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15 very good reasons to choose Site Snagging:

1) We are qualified New Build Snagging Inspection Surveyors (note the important distinction between being qualified and being accredited surveyors as some snagging companies are claiming).

2) We have inspected 1,000's of properties since 2006 so we know all the tricks and short cuts that are sometimes deployed.

3) We regularly inspect properties on behalf of some of the largest UK developers (they credit us with "raising the quality of their product")

4) We have between us over 65 years of experience (essential in this industry and we feel that we are still learning). We have added to our skill set by attending courses on bricklaying, painting and decorating and plastering to name but a few so we know what contstitues a good finish.

5) As a top snagging company our charges are competitive as we do not charge vat (we pass on the savings to our customers instead).

6) We use the very latest technology (including lasers) to conduct our inspections.

7) We work alongside Knight Frank (one of the UK's premier estate agents) who refers to us as their "trusted surveyors".

8) We are by far and away the most thorough inspection service in the UK (check our 10 years of testimonials, reviews and feedback received) and can locate and identify numerous defects that other snagging companies may dismiss or fail to find.

9) We work to industry wide NHBC guidelines and tolerances.

10) We will without doubt help raise the quality of finish in your new property and eliminate the stress and inconvenience of you having to inevitably deal with your builder once you have moved in when the defects (snags) become apparent.

11) We can save you the time and energy of creating your very own list which developers are generally dismissive of and will no doubt tell you the defect is "within tolerance" as is their standard reply. An independent report produced by us is taken much more seriously as they know that we know the tolerances.

12) We are only snagging company in the UK to cover all of the UK and not just some regions.

13) Our professional reports are image based which we annotate to show the exact location of the defect. Perfect for the new homeowner and for the trades.

14) We are true professionals (courteous, friendly and punctual).

15) We are acting in your interests alone and we stand firm against the occasional beligerent developer that we sometimes encounter!

We are professional snaggers

Site Snagging is a quality 100% independent, professional new build snagging inspections service for new flats / apartments, houses, bungalows and purpose built/fully refurbished student accommodation.

We have extensive experience of snagging apartments and houses in all the major UK towns and cities including : Manchester, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Halifax, Bradford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Norwich, Cardiff, Swansea, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Bristol, Plymouth, Brighton, Portsmouth, York, Chester, Windsor, Southampton, Poole and more, having identified and helped resolve countless problems and issues with new builds over the years.

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Whether you have recently bought a new family home, are a first time buyer or a buy to let investor, it is wise to consider having your new property independently snagged by a professional snagging company as all new homes have defects of one sort or another.

What is a Snagging Inspection?

A snagging inspection is essentially a survey on the overall quality of finish in new builds with the aim of checking for defects (snags), working within the NHBC�s guidelines and tolerances. However, more experienced snagging inspectors, such as those employed by Site Snagging, regularly uncover more serious defects in new properties.
what is a snagging inspection

With Site Snagging you are reassuringly in safe hands as we have inspected hundreds of properties over the years, having inspected apartments and houses built by all the UK's major deveolpers including: Bryant Homes, Bellway, Taylor Wimpey, Fairview, Redrow, Barratts, Persimmon, Crest Nicholson, Countryside Properties, Miller Homes, Cala Homes, David Wilson, David McClean, Fairclough, Campbell Homes and Stewart Milne.

Fast turnaround on all our reports !

Our detailed snagging reports are sent to you the client normally within 24 hours of the inspection. We would be happy to send the report to the developer but sadly in the vast majority of cases our emails are mostly ignored as more and more developers see us a huge inconvenience and hence the reason most developers today will only deal direct with the purchaser.

Site Snagging Inspections can therefore substantially improve the quality of finish in your new home and help deliver a better quality of workmanship that you both expect and deserve.

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Your brand new home is far from perfect with many defects !

Yes, all builders will snag your property before hand over as they will no doubt tell you - the ongoing problem is that most developers do not do this to an acceptable level because of the very tight timescales that they are working to. Most developers today are also using more and more local trades in effort to cut back on costs and most of us at some point in our lives have had a bad experience of using a local plumber, tiler etc. There is only one outcome when new homes are being built at the rate of knots that they are today along with the very tight often unrealistic timescales that are imposed to erect new properties. Consistently bad workmanship! It's no surprise therefore that every new purchaser who has ever used our service is genuinely surprised at the number of faults we uncover.

But don’t just take our word on it! The problem with new builds has been highlighted over many years by tv programmes including: Tonight with Trevor McDonald, New Homes from Hell and more recently on BBC's Watchdog. Even the BBC's property auction programme (Homes Under The Hammer) fully supports the need for all newly refurbished properties to be inspected once any refurbishment has been completed.

Media reports below also back up how bad the problem is with new builds. The following extract is taken from the Observer newspaper: "You own a shiny new home, but is it fully up to scratch?"

"Moving into a new-build property should mean taking possession of a ready-made home without the need to so much as pick up a paintbrush. But what if the inside of the property is not as flawless as you expected?... it is really important to "snag" the property before you transfer funds".

The following extract is taken from the Guardian newspaper: "Many people prefer brand new homes, but beware the many "snags" ... warns Peter Davy

" ... more commonly, though, the problems won't begin until you have moved in. New homes have become notorious for "snags": minor defects that remain after the building has been signed off. These include anything from paint splashes or chipped tiles to faulty electrics or dodgy plumbing. The most recent HBF (Home Builders Federation) customer satisfaction survey found that more than 90% of new-build owners reported problems to the builder after moving in".

So before you consider moving into that stylish townhouse, one or two bedroomed riverside or tower apartment, get it first checked by us!

So call Site Snagging Inspections today on 07814 838314


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