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We use highly skilled self-employed snagging inspectors that operate throughout the whole of the UK, including Wales and Scotland. So whether your new property is located in Central London, Cornwall or in the Outer Hebrides we have your area covered !

Booking your inspection via Site Snagging will, without question, raise the standard of your new property and eliminate the stress, worry and disappointment that accompanies finding niggling defects once you have moved into your new home and more the point, you can expect to find if you have not arranged a professional snagging inspection beforehand.

Sadly not all builders are happy to listen to your complaints about bad workmanship once living in the property and often will drag their heels in addressing the issues that have been raised (especially if the development has been finally completed and there are no longer any tradesmen working on site) despite their pre-sales promises of rectifying any snagging issues within the warranty period. So avoid the unnecessary grief and upset by employing the services of Site Snagging !

15 very good reasons to choose Site Snagging:

1) We are qualified New Build Snagging Inspection Surveyors.

2) We have inspected 1,000's of properties since 2006 so we know all the tricks and short cuts that are sometimes deployed.

3) We regularly inspect properties on behalf of some of the largest UK developers (they credit us with "raising the quality of their product")

4) We have between us over 65 years of experience (essential in this industry and we feel that we are still learning). We have added to our skill set by attending courses on bricklaying, painting and decorating and plastering to name but a few so we know what contstitues a good finish.

5) As a top snagging company our charges are competitive as we do not charge vat (we pass on the savings to our customers instead).

6) We use the very latest technology (including lasers) to conduct our inspections.

7) We work alongside Knight Frank (one of the UK's premier estate agents) who refers to us as their "trusted surveyors".

8) We are by far and away the most thorough inspection service in the UK (check our 10 years of testimonials, reviews and feedback received) and can locate and identify numerous defects that other snagging companies may dismiss or fail to find.

9) We work to industry wide NHBC guidelines and tolerances.

10) We will without doubt help raise the quality of finish in your new property and eliminate the stress and inconvenience of you having to inevitably deal with your builder once you have moved in when the defects (snags) become apparent.

11) We can save you the time and energy of creating your very own list which developers are generally dismissive of and will no doubt tell you the defect is "within tolerance" as is their standard reply. An independent report produced by us is taken much more seriously as they know that we know the tolerances.

12) We are only snagging company in the UK to cover all of the UK and not just some regions.

13) Our professional reports are image based which we annotate to show the exact location of the defect. Perfect for the new homeowner and for the trades.

14) We are true professionals (courteous, friendly and punctual).

15) We are acting in your interests alone and we stand firm against the occasional beligerent developer that we sometimes encounter!


When is best time to have a new build snagging inspection?

Ideally the best time to arrange a snagging inspection is between contract exchange and pre-completion which most developers are happy to comply with (though increasingly more and more well known developers including Bellway & Taylor Wimpey do not allow this citing “company policy” which goes without saying is both unfair and unjust).

Those that are not willing to accommodate an independent snagging survey prior to completion do sometimes agree to the inspection taking place at the same time as the buyer’s conducted tour of the property (otherwise known as the home demo) when the new home owner is given an opportunity to point out anything that they are not happy with and are also shown how all the appliances work, which usually allows a small window of opportunity to correct the snags prior to the moving in date.

Independent snagging inspections can of course still be carried out post-completion providing the necessary builder’s warranty is in place.


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